John Carmack to keynote Oculus Connect 2

John Carmack and the Oculus Rift

John Carmack will keynote the Oculus Connect conference in Hollywood this September. It's the second Oculus Connect following last year's debut, and will occur at a pretty crucial time for VR technology: Valve and HTC are expected to release a consumer version of their Vive headset before year end, while Oculus has indicated it will likely follow in the first quarter of 2016.

Oculus CEO Brendan Iribe and head scientist Michael Abrash will also deliver keynotes, though Palmer Luckey won't, if the conference's official website is any indication. Wes interviewed Luckey at last year's event, and also got hands-on with the Crescent Bay prototype.

While Carmack's legendary QuakeCon keynotes are no longer thanks to his split from id Software, he gets about: he spoke on the dawn of mobile VR at GDC back in March.

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