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Jalopy developer is making a game where you 'build stuff while getting drunk'

Landlord's Super
(Image credit: Minskworks)
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In 2016 we were impressed with the level of simulation Jalopy gave to maintaining and driving an old beater car across Germany, even in its early access stage. After its full release, we found it to be a haunting and nostalgic tour through the former Eastern Bloc. Sole developer Greg Pryjmachuk of MinskWorks has announced the next nostalgia trip he has planned—this time in the English midlands of the '80s. 

Unlike Jalopy, Landlord's Super looks to be a more tongue-in-cheek simulation of years past. The first-person simulation will take you through the process of mixing cement, laying bricks, and hammering nails. As Landord's Super's Steam page puts it: "build stuff, get drunk, build stuff while getting drunk. Your choice."

Pryjmachuk, who apparently spent time as a "concrete & steel erector" is drawing on personal experience, the same way he did with his experience driving a Minsk motorbike through Vietnam for Jalopy. Landlord's Super will simulate more than just the act of building, it seems. Pryjmachuk wants to capture the "more diverse, more northern, more working class" vibe that he remembers. "Some days you’ll be building scaffolding or mixing mortar or building a wall, brick by brick," he says. "Some days union interference might just mean you spend the day down the pub playing darts."

Landlord's Super will also be localized "in both American English and British colloquialisms," for those of us who can make only a bit of sense of this British word soup on the game's website

"It's all gone a bit pear shaped in the county of West Berklands. With the mines closed, the lads and lasses are skint & on the lash. Armed with hammer & spanner, it's up to you to navigate crippling poverty and union pressures to fix the county and rebuild hope." On the lash. Right.

From its trailer, Landlord's Super looks to give the same level of simulation to the mundane tasks of construction as Jalopy did to car maintenance. By our measure, that will hopefully lead to some more mute-colored nostalgia.

You can wishlist Landlord's Super on Steam, where it is "coming soon."

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