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Grow Up is the sequel to physics platformer Grow Home

A sequel to Ubisoft Reflections physics-heavy platformer Grow Home was announced during the Ubisoft E3 presser. It's called Grow Up, and stars the same clumsy robot from before. You're headed to the moon this time around, which means you'll need to climb higher much faster than before.

From the trailer, it looks like a good amount of new tools and abilities are at your disposal. The bot curls up into a bouncy ball, uses a new glider to get around, and plants mushrooms, which means we'll likely be able to manipulate more plants than before to get where we're going. 

It was one of my favorite games of last year, so it's nice to see Ubisoft giving their smaller titles room to grow as well. 

Grow Home is coming sometime in August. 

James Davenport
James is PC Gamer’s bad boy, staying up late to cover Fortnite while cooking up radical ideas for the weekly livestream. He can still kickflip and swears a lot. You’ll find him somewhere in the west growing mushrooms and playing Dark Souls.