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Free Fire director used Minecraft to map out set design

Minecraft is used for a lot of different things. It's used to emulate entire programming languages, it's used to train AI, and people even sometimes use it to enjoy themselves (via actually playing the game, is what I mean by that). Now there's a new thing you can add to the list of Cools Things Minecraft Is Used For: designing sets for movies.

Or at least, that's what Ben Wheatley did for his new film. The English director of Kill List and High Rise tweeted two images today showing the Minecraft build he used to plot out the film's grimy warehouse setting. Here they are:

According to Wheatley replying to other Twitter users, he finds Minecraft a quicker tool for plotting out sets than Google Sketch, to name one example. 

As for the film itself, Rotten Tomatoes reports that it's "an electrifying action comedy about an arms deal that goes spectacularly and explosively wrong." I haven't seen the film, but I'll be keeping a close eye out for creepers and suspiciously blocky looking structures when I do. 

Here's the trailer for the film, by the way. You'll note some vague similarities between the above images and the final product.

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