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For Honor's dedicated servers will go live on PC later this month

Dedicated servers will roll out to Ubisoft's hack-and-slash brawler For Honor on February 19, just over a year after its initial launch, and four days after the start of the game's fifth season, Age of Wolves. They'll only be available for the PC version of the game at first, but will come to consoles "soon after." 

The coming of dedicated servers was first announced in July 2017, but Ubisoft moved slowly with implementation "to ensure a smooth transition" to the new infrastructure. Ubisoft said the full launch will "fully remove the session migrations as well as the NAT requirements while eliminating most of the resyncing, resulting in a more stable experience and improved matchmaking." Once the system is proven stable on PC (the downside of being first is that we also get to be the test monkeys), Ubi will bring it to other platforms. 

"Changing the online infrastructure while the game was live was a challenge, but a decisive step in improving the game experience of our players," game director Damien Kieken said. "The implementation of the dedicated servers gives us confidence in the direction the game is taking and will pave the way for a full year of continued support and new contents." 

Dedicated servers is the big hook in Age of Wolves but it will also see the addition of ranked play, an overhaul of five of the game's heroes, new training modes, and a three-week event with special rewards for players who take part. Ubisoft will reveal the details in a livestream scheduled for 1 am PT/2 pm ET today, February 8, on Twitch—embedded for your convenience below.