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Finding Paradise has a new release date and an unexpected trailer

To the Moon developer Freebird Games dropped some big news for fans today: It's time to gun up, buckle in, and hang on, because on December 14 you're going... 2 The Moon

I'll admit it, I was thoroughly confused by this trailer all the way to the midpoint, and the announcement that came with it—"Freebird Games unleashes To the Moon 2 trailer with fury"—sure didn't help. Did I read something the wrong way? Was I thinking about the wrong game? Have I completely misunderstood what To the Moon really is for all these years? 

Thankfully, no. It's a clever trailer, but Finding Paradise remains the direct sequel to To the Moon, the indie adventure about two doctors who travel through a dying patient's mind to grant him his last wish. In the new game, "they unravel the perplexing memories of a patient named Colin Reeds, to fulfill a wish that seems rather paradoxical… to change something yet change nothing at all."

Finding Paradise is listed on Steam if you'd like a closer look, but developer Kan Gao said preorders will not be offered. Other platforms are pending, and non-English localizations will be added in the future as well.