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FFXIV Endwalker: Everything we know about the Reaper job

Final Fantasy 14 reaper job
(Image credit: Square Enix)

The FFXIV Reaper is one of the new jobs arriving in the MMO's next expansion. It will join the Sage as one of the new kids around Eorzea when the Endwalker expansion officially arrives on December 7. Though, unlike the healing Sage, the Reaper is primarily focused on dealing damage.

Along with the new jobs, Endwalker is introducing new zones, dungeons, and raids, and the male Viera will join the cast of races to choose from. So if you're keen to learn more about the new class, here's what we know about the FFXIV Reaper and how to unlock it.

FFXIV Reaper: How to unlock the new job when Endwalker lands 

Naturally, you'll need to own the Endwalker expansion if you want to play as a Reaper. The new jobs require you to level any Disciple of War or Magic job to level 70 before you can pick up the quest to unlock it. So if you're jumping into Final Fantasy 14 for the first time, you won't be able to play as a Reaper from the outset. 

FF14 Reaper playstyle 

The Reaper is a melee damage dealer and uses a two-handed scythe as a weapon. The animations are suitably flashy—as seen in the reveal trailer above—and you can summon a Void avatar to help you deal big damage to your foes. As you fight in melee range, you'll have a couple of movement abilities at your disposal: One to dash forward to close with your enemies and another to leap backwards out of harm's way.


You have two primary movement abilities, allowing you to dash forward or jump back. These abilities become even more valuable at later levels as they'll spawn a portal when used, allowing you to teleport back to your original location by hitting the same skill button again. Think of World of Warcraft's Monk Transcendence ability (but on a much shorter cooldown), and you won't be far off.

Burst damage

As you near max level, you'll gain an ability that transforms specific skills into far more potent ones. A new Shroud Gauge will open up, too, and this is what you'll need to feed to gain this enhanced form. During this burst phase, you'll have access to another gauge, and you can only spend those points while in this phase.

Buff both your own and party member's damage

Reaper gets a buff that increases their damage dealt and that of nearby party members by 3% for 20 seconds. At higher levels, this buff also increases the damage of one of your AoE abilities, depending on the actions of the players affected by the buff. You'll also gain Shroud Gauge points, allowing you to activate your burst phase.

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