eBay Australia is offering 20 percent off a bunch of PC gaming peripherals

eBay Australia is currently offering a 20 percent discount on a large range of PC gaming peripherals and software. And while you're probably not interested in buying boxed copies of old PC games for more than you'd pay during a Steam sale, some of the peripherals are priced attractively.

For instance: the Razer Mamba Gaming Mouse, usually $179.95, is currently going for $144, while the Razer Basilisk is available for $77.60.

While there are plenty of other mice available, that's not the only peripheral represented. Fancy mice mats, including the Razer Firefly ($88), and surround sound headsets, such as the Turtle Beach Stealth 450 ($160), are there, as are a bunch of routers, keyboards, streaming mics and more. The Steam Controller is there for $72, but we've seen it much cheaper before.

Note: to take advantage of the 20 percent discount, you'll need to use the code PLAYER1. The deal lasts until Monday.