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eBay AU is selling Dell gaming monitors at stupidly low prices again

Dell 27 S2722DGM
(Image credit: Dell)

If you've got your finger even halfway on the pulse, you've probably noticed that Dell and Alienware gear gets discounted a lot in Australia. Whether via eBay sales or from the Dell AU site direct, gaming monitors and laptops are pretty much permanently "on sale," so actually buying anything at RRP is its own (undesirable) challenge.

But this new eBay Dell sale is actually pretty remarkable. Well, at least since the last time it happened. Picked up by the folk at OzBargain, these deals go live at 10am today (Tuesday, September 21) and are definitely worth checking if you're in the market for a monitor. Even if you're not in the market, these are tempting.

Note: you're going to need the discount code PDLTW20 at check out for these prices.

For thrifty PC gamers, the Dell 27 curved monitor (S2722DGM) is down from AU$599 to AU$299. That 27 inch display is QHD, boasts a 165Hz refresh rate and a 1ms response time, and is especially tempting if you're after a good second screen.

On the other end of the budget spectrum, the Alienware 38 Curved monitor (AW3821DW)  is down from AU$2,499 to AU$1,499—a full grand off. That's a 21:9 affair, so it's a wide one, with a 3840x1600 resolution and 144Hz refresh rate. It's a pretty hefty piece of kit, and that's a pretty hefty discount.

Here's the list:

Dell 27 S2721DGF monitor | AU$799 AU$549
A modest 27 inch monitor with QHD resolution, up to 165Hz refresh rate with DisplayPort (144Hz via HDMI) and 1ms response time. Use discount code PDLTW20 at checkout.

Alienware 38 curved AW3821DW | AU$2,499 AU$1,499
An absolute beast of a screen. It's a 21:9 affair with 144Hz refresh rate, HDR600, and a 3840x1600 resolution. Use discount code PDLTW20 at checkout.

Dell 34 curved S3422DWG | AU$899 AU$549
This WGHD affair (QHD on a 21:9 display) has a 144Hz refresh rate, AMD FreeSync Premium Pro and a 2ms response time. Use discount code PDLTW20 at checkout.

Dell 27 curved S2722DGM | AU$599 AU$299
If you're after a second monitor this is a great deal: 165Hz refresh rate, QHD resolution and a 1ms response time. Use discount code PDLTW20 at checkout.