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Doom for Doom mod brings new weapons into classic shooter

We recently came up with seven ways that Doom could be more metal. I present you now with an eighth: Doom for Doom, or as the cool kids like to call it, D4D, a mod that brings the weapons of nü-Doom into the 1993 original.   

It's still very much a work in progress—only the pistol and shotgun alt-fires have been implemented at this point—but even at this early stage it looks pretty fantastic. Co-creator DBThanatos said on the ZDoom forums that he “tried to respect the firing times of Doom 4, but also balance them to Doom,” which makes the weapons feel even faster than the normally are.

Beyond the weapons, he said he wants to upgrade the gore—“not BD [Brutal Doom] levels of gore, but enough to satisfy my needs”—and may opt for something like dual shotguns in lieu of alt-fires. If there's enough call for it (and right now there seems to be), he may also release a “weapons only” version that doesn't make any other changes. 

A second, slightly newer trailer, demonstrates the D4D pistol and machine gun in greater detail. The mod isn't out yet, but will be “soon...ish.” 

Thanks, VG247.

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