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Death Stranding on PC: Everything we know

(Image credit: Kojima Productions)

Kojima Productions' mysterious delivery action game Death Stranding is confirmed for PC. This is exciting, particularly for those Metal Gear Solid fans curious to know what series director Hideo Kojima would do outside of Konami and away from the series that made him famous. The answer, it seems, is a game about reconnecting a post-apocalyptic world... with babies.

Here's everything you need to know about Death Stranding, including when you can expect to play it on PC.

When is Death Stranding's PC release date?

While there's not a firm release date yet, we do have a release window. The PS4 version of Death Stranding will release on November 8, 2019, but the PC version won't be ready until "early summer" of 2020. That likely puts it in the region of June, but don't quote me on that.

As for where Death Stranding will release, that's an even bigger mystery. No specific storefronts have been revealed, with the PC publisher, 505 Games, simply saying that additional details will be revealed in the "near future". But still, this is a major bit of news, after it's been looking more and more likely that Death Stranding would be a PlayStation 4 exclusive.

Death Stranding store pages are live on Steam and Epic

The nitty-gritty details of Death Stranding's PC release are still a mystery, but store pages for the game are already live on Steam and the Epic Games Store. You can already pre-purchase the game on both platforms, though the store pages have little else to share at the moment.

Will Death Stranding have any PC-specific features?

That too is unclear, and will likely also be revealed in the future. At the very least we can hopefully expect more graphics options, prettier textures and better framerates—the usual stuff.

A Death Stranding sequel wouldn't be a direct follow-up

In an interview with Vulture, Kojima said that a theoretical sequel to Death Stranding probably wouldn't be a direct follow-up. If Kojima Productions was to start work on a sequel, it would "start from zero." That could mean a completely different story with a new cast of characters. Though, Kojima said that we would like to work with Norman Reedus again.

It's fun to speculate about what this really means for a sequel, but it sounds like Kojima himself is just as unsure about what form it would take.

What is Death Stranding anyway?

Good question! Kojima Productions founder and Death Stranding director Hideo Kojima has a penchant for mystery and obfuscation—just look at the MGS5 trailers. True to form, this was the world's first look at Death Stranding, back at E3 2016:

These cryptic trailers would continue for years, but gradually we've built up a pretty good understanding of what the game is actually about. The short version? It's a third-person action game in which you play as Sam Porter Bridges, a deliveryman who travels across a conglomerate of North American cities that are trying to rebuild after the collapse of civilisation.

Making his job more difficult are the spectral apparitions known as BTs—or beached things—which are connected to a series of supernatural events, known collectively as the Death Stranding. This is the reason the world is in such a mess to begin with.

The game footage contained within this eight minute E3 2018 trailer give a sense of what the gameplay is like:

As you can see, it's not all bad. You do have an extendable ladder and a spooky baby.

Oh yeah, what's with the baby?

That's BB, or Bridge Baby—a baby that's been taken from the "still-mothers" located in the capital city of the United Cities of America. The important thing here is that they connect Sam to the world of the dead, giving him the ability to sense BTs. Think of BB like a radar of sorts.

Periodically the baby needs to be synchronised with an incubator that updates the data of its mothers womb, which is one of those sentences I never expected I'd write. Also, if you drop the baby, you have to gently rock it to calm it down, which is also a Yakuza 6 minigame.

Death Stranding trailers

In addition to the above, there's a bunch of trailers from the last four years. Some quite helpful in explaining what's going on, others completely off the wall.

The Game Awards 2016

The Game Awards 2017

Release Date 2019

Ludens Fan Character Spotlight

Mama Character Spotlight

Briefing Trailer

Launch Trailer

Be careful with this trailer, which was unveiled just ahead of the console release. Multiple reviewers have suggested that it actually spoils many of the game's biggest surprises.

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