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Chivalry: Medieval Warfare gets huge content update, adds maps, modes and weapons for free

The latest patch for Chivalry: Medieval Warfare may not add anything as grand and regal as Brian Blessed , but developer Torn Banner understands what fans of the online dismemberment simulator really want: bludgeonings. Along with two modes and 13 maps, this huge content update brings a selection of brutal new weapons, including polehammers, flails and heavy flails. Things are going to get messy.

It's a massive amount of new content, all provided completely free. New modes include Capture the Flag and a Duel Mode, which comes with 10 arenas for your 1v1 grudge matches. There's also a full compliment of tweaks, bug fixes, added polish, stronger anti-hack measures and an option to specify how long corpses litter the battlefield. Well, you want to take pride in your work, after all.

Full patch list here , or you can watch a video tour of the update's new features below.

Phil Savage
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