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Child of Light trailer shows gorgeous watercolour wonderland

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Sidescrolling RPG, Child of Light, is looking extremely pretty, which isn't surprising considering the fact it's built on the powerful UbiArt tools Ubisoft used to make the modern Rayman games. This time the developers, led by Far Cry 3 director Patrick Plourde, are drawing aesthetic inspiration from Final Fantasy and Vagrant story to create a washed-out watercolour ambiance for the fantasy world of Lemuria.

You can read more about Child of Light's story, themes and combat system in Pip's piece on the game , and Tyler's first look . In short, you play a heroine called Aurora on a quest to retrieve the light of Lemuria from an evil queen. You explore with light-footed platforming and fight in turn-based encounters reminiscent of classic JRPGs, and the story is told entirely in rhyming couplets. If that sounds like just sort of thing, then you'll be pleased to discover it also looks and sounds like this:

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