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Broken Age trailers introduce the main characters, Double Fine reveal release info

Double Fine used Broken Age Code on 87,142 Inboxes last night, providing their many Kickstarter backers with the first half of the studio's return to adventure games. For those more cautious fans and onlookers, who wanted to see if the game was worth the wait before handing over their money - spoiler: it is - the studio has released concrete info as to when you'll be able to slot in into your inventories. In a new post on the Double Fine blog , it's revealed that Act 1 will emerge into general release on the 28th January. That will be followed later in the year with a free update to all buyers, adding in the second half of the story.

As to what that eventual Act 1 purchase will get you, two trailers have been released, showing the backstory for each of the main characters.

Broken Age is currently listed as a Steam pre-order . For more on the game, head over to Richard Cobbett's review .

Phil Savage
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