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The best Minecraft house ideas

Best Minecraft house ideas
(Image credit: Mojang)
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You may just be in the market for some new Minecraft house ideas if you've found yourself standing in an open field with cobblestone in hand but are drawing a blank on blueprints. Sure we've all dug a hole into an unassuming mountainside or made four walls out of wood planks but if you're properly settled in your Minecraft world you may want to work on building a slightly snazzier house. Here are some ideas for your next Minecraft home along with download links if you don't prefer to do the heavy lifting yourself.

If this is your very first time digging into Minecraft's endless world, you may need to start with something simpler. Try out our guide on how to build a Minecraft house to get your foundation fundamentals down. After you've got a safe starter house, come back to check out these more ambitious projects. 

Down here we have some of the coolest personal Minecraft houses that you can call your own. Maybe you just need a bit of inspiration for a theme or maybe you'd like to pop on over and download on to make your very own!

This Treehouse

Minecraft treehouse idea

(Image credit: Mojang)

Download: Treehouse

Many of us have tried building treehouses in Minecraft, but somehow they have a way of becoming (shocker) just a bit too blocky, removing the organic charm of a house in a tree. 

This treehouse build is a great balance between manmade and natural. The original shape of the leaves and branches remain while a wooden house is nestled on top. Wooden ladders climbing the trunk and hanging vines help to keep the natural feel too. Even if this isn't the treehouse for you, it's got some good elements to inspire your own tree property.

Luxurious Cave House

Minecraft cave house idea

(Image credit: Mojang)

Download: Luxurious Cave House

As with treehouses, many have attempted building a Minecraft house inside a cave only to find they've accidentally just dug out a giant underground cube that belongs in Dwarf Fortress. 

This luxurious cave house takes advantage of an open cavern to make a really lovely cave home. It has glass windows and even some skylights leading to the overworld along with an outdoor terrace. Even the interior is cozy with a nice dining room and a spacious cavern yard full of water.

Redstone Smart House

(Image credit: Mojang)

Download: Redstone Smart House

This is Minecraft house idea pushes the boundaries of what the game can do. Filled to the brim with technology and incredible features, this smart property has it all. You even need a special key-card just to get into the gaff. 

Just be aware that it's complicated to pull off, so make sure you do the required reading before getting started; you don't want to accidentally get yourself trapped behind a contraption of your own making.

Ocean View Modern Mansion 

(Image credit: Mojang)

Download: Ocean View Modern Mansion

If you've always dreamed of owning real estate on the top of a mountain that overlooks the sea and is eerily reminiscent of Tony Stark's house, then this is for you. 

This contemporary mansion comes fully equipped with all of the features a billionaire could ever want: there's a swimming pool, beach, private bar, and even a helicopter. It remains a fantasy for most of us, but at least we can download it in Minecraft.

Small Rustic House

(Image credit: Mojang)

Download: Small Rustic House

This cute Minecraft house idea is certainly on the small side, but it makes up in charm what it lacks in square footage. 

It's just nice little country house, nothing more, nothing less. It's perfect for spending the days lazing away reading a book, watching the rain trickle down your window, and await the oncoming hordes of government-controlled Creepers you firmly believe are after you. Just don't go swinging any cats inside.

Country Mansion

(Image credit: Mojang)

Download: Country Mansion

This sprawling structure really is something to behold. Set against the verdant backdrop of tree-covered mountains and surrounded by a picturesque lake, this is the perfect retirement home for someone ready to call it a day after a long career of adventuring.

While the building itself is impressive, its setting is also worth exploring. There is a waterfall, some interesting trails to follow, and even a few caves to go spelunking in when you're bored of the cushy indoor life.

GTA V: Franklin's House

(Image credit: Mojang)

GTA V is an unstoppable force of nature, so why wouldn't there be a house based on it in Minecraft. 

This is based on the apartment given to Franklin, and it's one of the more impressive Minecraft house ideas. The swanky apartment has been painstakingly recreated, replete with its huge variety of rooms. Plus, there's a cool swimming pool and garage in which to store your, er, carts?