Arma 2 patch 1.62 attacks AI bugs and multiplayer stability issues

"Prague, Czech Republic, 24th July 2012" could be the superimposed green text that introduces a covert ops scene in any spy thriller, but today it just prefaces a press release from Bohemia Interactive. Arma 2's latest patch is now available, and Bohemia promises "a lot of fixes to multiplayer, which -- aside for the large scale military battles -- will also make zombie hunts much less prone to crashes and should improve server stability."

Here are the bullet points:

  • Multiplayer optimizations, security and server improvements
  • Overall stability was improved with numerous tweaks and fixes
  • Added new video options (Post-Process Anti-Aliasing, Alpha To Coverage)
  • Additional AI improvements and numerous bug fixes
  • Resolved issues with several training missions
  • Added a lot of new script commands for content makers

I've copied the hulking changelog to Pastebin , and Bohemia has listed a bunch of download mirrors . Note that you can not roll back versions after installing this update, so you may want to back up your files to avoid having to reinstall if anything breaks.