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2015 in silly back page jokes

June 2015: Star Wars (Various)

Phil: This reads to me like Chris working through his issues with the Star Wars franchise, which is as good a reason for a back page joke as any.

Chris: This is the thing. I’ve worked through all of this stuff so many times that I can now produce keening Star Wars listicles on command, which honestly wasn’t the X-Men mutant superpower I thought I’d end up with. In this instance, I use my powers for ‘emergency eleventh hour bants.’

July 2015: Kerbal Space Program

Chris: Internet conspiracy theorists are low-hanging fruit. I like “why is the flag the wrong way around”, though. There aren’t enough jokes about glitchy texture mapping.

Tony: The Post-It notes were supposed to be handwritten. Who the cock prints their Post-It notes?

August 2015: The Witcher 3

Chris: I re-read some Witcher short stories so that I could ape Andrzej Sapkowski’s writing to make a joke about Gwent. This is called ‘trying too hard’, if you were wondering.

Andy: I don’t understand Gwent, and barely touched it when I played The Witcher, so this joke was lost on me. Sorry, I sound like I’m doing one of those director’s commentaries where a bored star makes pedestrian observations about the film.

Samuel: CD Projekt RED emailed me asking about this one, wondering what we were teasing for our next issue. I think this is a fun celebration of one of the year's best games.

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