2015 in silly back page jokes

December 2015: Deus Ex – Mankind Divided

Phil: Our art editor, John Strike, is the hero of All Over. Here, a day or two before deadline, we asked him to produce a front cover for a fictional fashion magazine.

Tony: Agreed, this is pure class. Let’s hope John doesn’t get poached by Marie Claire.

Phil: I don't think Marie Claire would let him play Battlefield at lunch, so hopefully we're safe.

Christmas 2015: Batman – Arkham Knight

Samuel: We photoshopped the Steam refund screen, but I worried that because the date of purchase would be wrong, it wouldn't work properly as a joke. Then I realised this was deadline madness kicking in and who cares because why would Batman even be on Steam.

Andy: I took that screenshot of Batman using his wrist-phone in 4K, which was nice and high-res so it would look sharp on the page, but made the game run at about 1 frame per second. If you thought it ran poorly in 1080p…

Phil: We internally beta test All Over jokes by showing them to a member of the team, and measuring their response. If it's a light chortle—or even just a sharp exhalation of breath through the nose—then it's deemed acceptable. For this All Over, Tom Senior just looked at it for about two minutes not understanding what was going on. It was deadline, though, so we shipped it anyway.

Chris: I know I don’t work on the mag any more, but have we considered renaming the section ‘Oh, Fuck It’?

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