2015 in silly back page jokes

Each issue, the PC Gamer team comes together in the spirit of the '90s, and celebrates the fact that we still have an art editor. The result is what we call "All Over"—a joke back page relating to something from one of the preceding 129 pages. Depending on your perspective it's either a fun closer, a complete waste of time, or—if you're our editor Samuel—a living deadline nightmare from which there is no escape.

To celebrate 2015's imminent demise, we've collected all thirteen of this year's All Overs into this gallery. We thought it would be fun to run them alongside a sort of director's commentary from the team. As it turns out, "fun" was the wrong word.

January 2015: Call of Duty – Advanced Warfare

Chris: It is really hard to write jokes about Call of Duty that haven’t been said a million times. Here, I fail.

Phil: Who would have guessed that the correct answer was mo-cap Jeff Goldblum?

February 2015: Metal Gear Solid V

Andy: If Rust Cohle from True Detective was obsessed with labyrinthine Metal Gear Solid lore instead of occult-related killings, he’d have this hanging up in his creepy garage. Anyone familiar with the MGS storyline will know that these connections actually kinda make sense. 

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