Attention all PC gamers: the open beta of PC Gamer Digital is LIVE! [US only for now]


The future of games coverage has arrived, and you can be among the first to get a crack at it. Made by the same team that brings you the best-selling PC gaming magazine in the whole world, PC Gamer Digital gives you a totally new way to explore, discover, and experience PC games, and lets you share those experiences with your friends, Steam groups, and the entire PC gaming community. It's a digital companion that's been designed from the ground up to help you be a better gamer.

We could go on and on about it, but that's not the point of a beta. We want you to download it, try it out, push every button, pull every slider, wander around our GameViews, rummage through our Protips, and even enjoy a nice Three-Way. Then let us know what you think at . Your comments will help us tweak the debut episode, which will hit Steam in less than a fortnight.

The most advanced, innovative gaming platform in the world demands advanced, innovative coverage. The most sophisticated gamers in the world deserve sophisticated coverage and hands-on experiences. So go forth, pilgrims – discover the future of games coverage. And tell us what we can do to make it even better!