Atomic Heart, the offbeat Soviet-era shooter, gives us its weirdest teaser video yet

In today's showing of Weird But Cool Atomic Heart footage, a character appears trapped in a tunnel of molecular mass. Even from the little we've seen so far, I'm certain that won't be the strangest sentence ever written about Munfish's upcoming alternate Soviet-era shooter.  

Named '"Baba" (Grandma) Zina trapped in Polymers. Facility 3826', the latest short depicts a fluid, Donnie Darko-like structure, weaving its way around the same deteriorated compound we saw last week. Check it out above. 

It's not clear how long Baba Zina's been trapped in suspended animation, but it seems she's been caught off guard as her handbag and personal effects lie strewn around the floor. There are also fish swimming around in the tunnels because, well, of course there are. 

Do the rumpled rugs underfoot mean Baba was dashing around/away from something in a hurry? And who's the dude creeping around ominously in the backdrop? Like last week, I do not know (and I'm not sure I want to).  

Atomic Heart is without a concrete launch date, but is due in 2019 as per its Steam page. Here's last week's facility footage, too: