At $299 the T3 Rush is Corsair’s least expensive gaming chair to date

(Image credit: Corsair)

Corsair just expanded its gaming chair lineup with the release of the T3 Rush, a multi-adjustable seat with breathable fabric clinging to a solid steel frame. Notably, the T3 Rush is Corsair's least expensive option to plop your backside, though it's not cheap.

Even though the press release says the T3 Rush is immediately available on Corsair's website, at the time of this writing, the product page only shows a "Find a retailer" button. Clicking it provides a link to the chair's listing on Amazon, where it shows abe being "currently unavailable."

Those listings will likely be updated very soon, perhaps by the end of the day. In the meantime, the T3 Rush shows up on Newegg for $299.99 (also not in stock at time of this writing). The same price applies to all three color options—gray (CF-9010030-WW), charcoal (CF-9010029-WW), and white (CF-9010031-WW).

As points of reference, MSRPs for Corsair's T2 Road Warrior and T1 Race are $399.99 and $349.99, respectively (street pricing is cheaper, though, and who knows what kind of prices upcoming Black Friday deals will bring).

Price point aside, Corsair says the T3 Rush's design takes inspiration from professional motorsports, same as with the T2 Road Warrior and T1 Rush. This is Corsair's first model to sport a fabric exterior. According to Corsair, the advantage is it retains minimal heat.

Sitters can adjust multiple parts of the chair. There's a removable padded neck cushion, a height-adjustable memory foam lumbar pillow, 4D arm rests, and of course tilt and lift options. Should the desire arise, the T3 Rush can recline back 180 degrees for a power nap.

Corsair is talking up the sturdiness of the T3 Rush. In addition to the steel frame that runs through the base and back, it uses five 65mm heavy-duty dual wheel casters.

The T3 Rush is backed by a two-year warranty.

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