Asus ROG Chimera gaming laptop rocks a fast 17.3-inch 144Hz G-Sync display

If it is a blazing fast display for gaming on the go that you're after, Asus has what you need in its ROG Chimera, a 17.3-inch laptop with 144Hz Full HD panel. Oh, and it supports G-Sync to boot.

Asus is currently showing off its ROG Chimera at IFA 2017, Laptop Mag reports. Details are still few and far between, though according to Asus, this is the first gaming laptop with a 144Hz panel and 7ms gray-to-gray response time. Between the fast refresh rate and option of enabling G-Sync, game play should be exceptionally smooth, or so we anticipate.

It also helps that Nvidia went with a 1080p resolution panel, at least as it pertains to hitting high framerates. Powering this thing is an Intel Core i7-7820HK processor and GeForce GTX 1080, which is more than enough horsepower to drive a high-end gaming experience at 1920x1080. We expect Asus will push the VR angle here as well.

One observation made by PCWorld is that judging by the ROG Chimera's thickness, it's probably not using Nvidia's Max-Q technology as found in laptops such as the ROG Zephyrus. If that's the case, gamers will be getting the full power of Nvidia's mobile GTX 1080 to make the most out of the panel's 144Hz refresh rate.

The other thing that is notable about the ROG Chimera is that it supports Xbox wireless technology. That means you fire up a wireless Xbox controller without using a dongle.

Asus has not said anything about pricing or availability yet. We will be keeping an eye on this one to report more details as they emerge.

Paul Lilly

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