Asus launches a 34-inch ultra-wide G-Sync monitor that overclocks to 120Hz

Asus is all about overclocked refreshed rates on its gaming-oriented ROG Swift displays these days, as we recently saw with its ROG Swift PG278QE, and also the PG279Q, the best gaming monitor with G-Sync. Now we have the newly announced PG349Q.

It's hard keeping track of Asus's monitor lineup, because it issues incremental updates with the same or similar specs. In this case, the PG349Q looks to be a refresh of the PG348Q, with a faster max refresh rate. Whereas the previous iteration topped out at 100Hz, this newer one goes to 120Hz.

Looking at the spec sheet, it appears the native resolution on the PG349Q is 60Hz, just as it was with the PG348Q. That's as high as it will go if you're connecting to it via HDMI. To get that overclocked 120Hz refresh rate, you need to tap into the DisplayPort connector.

There is plenty of real-estate on this model. It's a 34-inch display that uses a curved IPS panel, stretched into an ultra-wide format with a 3440x1440 resolution.  Asus claims it offers 100 percent of the sRGB color spectrum.

Brightness only ramps up to 300 nits. That's about average. Some of the higher end HDR panels can hit an eye-searing 1,000 nits, while VESA won't consider anything below 400 nits for its DisplayHDR certification program. This monitor doesn't support HDR visuals, though, so peak brightness isn't as important.

This is another G-Sync panel, just like the previous iteration. Typically that means you can expect to pay more compared to a similarly spec'd FreeSync display. Asus hasn't mentioned pricing, though the going rate for the PG348Q is $899.90 on Amazon (down from its $999 list price). I imagine the PG349Q will land in the same vicinity whenever it's made available.

Paul Lilly

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