How to complete the Chipping Away quest in Assassin's Creed Valhalla

AC Valhalla Chipping Away quest locations
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Looking for a way to weaken Eadwyn’s hold in the AC Valhalla Chipping Away quest? If you've started the Oxenefordscire story arc, you'll soon come across a quest that tasks you with weakening Lady Eadwyn's hold over Oxenefordscire to prevent her from forming a troubling alliance with the King of Wessex.

In order to do this, you'll need to help fyrds and destroy supply carts. You should start with some of the progress bar filled, but with no quest markers on the map, what do you do to fill the rest? Read on to find out how to weaken Eadwyn's hold over Oxenefordscire and complete with this AC Valhalla Chipping Away quest locations guide.

All AC Valhalla Chipping Away quest locations

Lady Eadwyn is holed up in her castle and is calling for more men and supplies to help strengthen her position. Eivor offers to help Geadric by protecting his men and destroying supply carts across Oxenefordscire. There are no quest markers for a lot of the locations until you get near them, but we'll tell you where to find them below.

The first one is south-west of Buckingham and the quest marker should appear as you start up the hill here. You should find a small group of men and after speaking with one of them, you'll get to help them take out one of Eadwyn's patrols.

Next, head to the synchronisation point East of Buckingham to discover another quest marker and help out the fyrd here fight off some more of Eadwyn's soldiers. Once they've been dispatched, head northwest from here to locate more supply carts to destroy. The camp you're looking for is slightly south of the river.

You next destination is south-east of the synchronisation point that you just visited and north-west of the Linforda (there's a wealth marker there if you haven't uncovered it yet). You'll find two guarded supply carts to destroy, so it's up to you if you sneak in and take the supply carts out with arrows or clear out the guards first.

Lastly, head across the river near Linforda and head south. You find another quest marker to help out another fyrd located north-west of AC Valhalla Saint Albanes Abbey. Your progress bar should now be full and you'll need to head back to Buckingham to complete the quest.

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