How to complete the Saint Albanes Abbey raid in Assassin's Creed Valhalla

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Stuck trying to get all the goodies from the AC Valhalla Saint Albanes Abbey? Raiding is a big part of AC Valhalla and you'll need to pillage camps and monasteries if you want to upgrade your AC Valhalla settlement in Ravensthorpe. Most raids are fairly straightforward—rush in, overwhelm the guards, smash down a few doors, loot chests—but Saint Albanes requires some story progression before you can access all its areas.

Saint Albanes Abbey has a surprising amount of supplies to be had, and it's not always obvious how to access certain buildings or knockdown vulnerable walls. If you want to get your hands on all that wealth, read on to find out how to get all the loot from St Albanes Abbey in Assassin's Creed Valhalla.

How to finish the raid at AC Valhalla's Saint Albanes Abbey 

Saint Albanes Abbey covers a lot of ground, so it's worth exploring to see what you can find lying around. Most of the doors to the houses that lead up to the abbey need to be forced open with the help of a clansman, though one will require you to find and break through a segment of wall made of straw.

But first, if you're here for the Valhalla St Albanes Abbey key, know that you'll get it automatically from a quest when you return here during the Oxenefordscire story arc.

Now onto the abbey itself. The doors here are barred from the inside and there seems to be no way in. What you need to do here is climb up to the roof and use your bow to shoot one of the stained-glass windows on the upper floor. You can then hop through and take care of the guards inside. You can shoot the windows on the lower floor too but the gap isn't big enough to squeeze through.

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Once inside, you'll discover a breakable wall. Head back outside and pick up one of the red jars lying around—y'know, the ones you shoot to set archers' platforms on fire—and carry one back into the abbey and place it next to the wall. Get back a bit and fire an arrow into the jar to break through and recover the treasure.

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