Should you punch Basim and Sigurd in Assassin's Creed Valhalla?

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Should you punch Basim in AC Valhalla? If you've made it this far, you've probably noticed that Sigurd and Eivor aren't quite seeing eye to eye, and the Oxenefordescire story arc expands on this.

You'll be given the option to punch AC Valhalla Basim and Sigurd during series of choices that are presented during the Blood from a Stone quest. Your choices here could alter the ending of the game so you should consider carefully. Or read on below to discover the consequences of each action.

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AC Valhalla Basim: Should you punch him and/or Sigurd? 

During the Blood from a Stone quest, Lady Eadwyn will catch up with your party after you discover the stone Fulke had hidden has been stolen. Sigurd tries to make a deal with Eadwyn but Eivor loses her cool and you're thrown into a fight. Afterwards, you'll be given several options when speaking with Sigurd and Basim.

  • We have a pact with Geadric
  • Sigurd, you are a coward

You can choose either of the above options safely, without it affecting the ending. Both choices will lead to Basim jumping in with his opinion and you'll be presented with the following—important—options: 

  • (Take a breath)
  • Punch Basim

You should choose to (Take a Breath) as punching Basim will anger both of them and Basim will comment that your lack of control over your emotions is a problem. Choosing the second option here can also affect the ending so punch Basim at your own risk.

You'll then have another choice to make: 

  • Enough of this
  • Punch Sigurd

We haven't been able to confirm if punching Sigurd affects the ending for this choice but if you want to play it safe, you should probably choose Enough of this. Of course, if you don't care about the ending and you've had enough of Sigurd berating you, feel free to take a swing at him. If you're still grinding through the RPG's meaty story, check out our guide to all AC Valhalla choices.

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