Arma 3 teases multiplayer content reveal: "Dream a little bigger"

A lighting strike. A fiery tank in the distance. That's some of what Arma 3 developer Bohemia Interactive has left us to work with after teasing a new multiplayer project on Tuesday. More details on the new content will be uncovered in Februrary, according to the team's latest update , and according to the tease, the new content's scope is grand.

Bohemia designer Karel Mořický has taken to Twitter recently to release the image above and ask players to raise their expectations about what the new multiplayer content might be. "Expecting conquest mode or coop campaign?" Mořický writes. "Dream a little bigger."

The developer update also delves into some of the work being undertaken to improve the game's optimization. Bohemia is testing a new post-processing effect with the potential to boost the visuals while also smoothing out performance on some machines. A new multiplayer build is also being put together:

"There finally is some solid movement on the multiplayer optimization front," Bohemia reports. "Over the past weeks our programmers, David 'Dwarden' Foltyn, and several community admins tested the new build quite a bit. They are already reporting significant performance increases, as well as better load-balancing on CPU cores."

If you're itching to see something new before February, the second of three announced additions to Arma 3's campaign— Adapt —arrives January 21. It brings with it new scenarios, some new vehicles, as well as infra-red grenades. Curious why IR grenades might get fans of the military sim excited? Check out why we called Arma 3 was our Simulation of the Year for 2013.