Arma 3 sells 1 million copies

While it offers an experience altogether different from the zombie violence of its sister-game DayZ, Arma 3 also looks to have struck a chord in the hearts and minds of PC gamers since its release last year. The military sim has sold one million copies, according to an announcement this week by Bohemia Interactive head Marek Spanel.

Both of Bohemia Interactive's hits have proven themselves popular in a year when so many games seem to want to be everything to everybody on every platform available—with varying levels of success. As PC exclusives, that hasn't been the case with the complex and technically demanding Arma 3 or the two-million selling , Early Access alpha that is DayZ.

The future of Arma 3 isn't settler either. Modders are busy , and Bohemia is planning to pay some special attention in the form of helicopter and marksmen DLC set to begin appearing later this year. For a quintessential taste of what's possible in Arma 3, be sure to check out our review as well as the footage we captured on the Large Pixel Collider .

Thanks, Eurogamer .