Arma 3 is free to play this weekend, and 66% off

Nothing says romance like spending time with the ones you love in a very serious military sim. Keep your flowers and sentimental gifts, I want military jargon, tense firefights and maybe the opportunity to blow up some tanks. Arma 3 is offering all of that and a heck of a lot more this weekend when it briefly sheds its price. You'll be able to play for free until Monday. 

I suspect most people who are into their military sims already own at least one of the Armas, but it would probably have even greater number of adherents if more people realised that it's more accessible than it first appears. That doesn't mean it's the most intuitive game, or easy to wrap your head around, but it's also not just a military shooter. It's a sandbox and platform for creating whole new modes, games and custom servers. There's even go-karting. 

There are some really impressive player creations, too, including this extremely fancy Halo mod. And then there's this nightmarish Lego mod. I'll never be able to shake the image of their grinning faces as they're riddled with bullets. 

Across the weekend, the base game, expansion and DLC packs will also be on sale for up to 66 percent off on Steam

Fraser Brown
Online Editor

Fraser is the UK online editor and has actually met The Internet in person. With over a decade of experience, he's been around the block a few times, serving as a freelancer, news editor and prolific reviewer. Strategy games have been a 30-year-long obsession, from tiny RTSs to sprawling political sims, and he never turns down the chance to rave about Total War or Crusader Kings. He's also been known to set up shop in the latest MMO and likes to wind down with an endlessly deep, systemic RPG. These days, when he's not editing, he can usually be found writing features that are 1,000 words too long or talking about his dog.