Operation: Trebuchet, a Halo mod for Arma 3, has an impressive new trailer

Operation: Trebuchet, a Halo mod for Arma 3, is taking the Halo universe back in time. Set during the titular conflict between the UNSC and insurrectionists, before the arrival of the Covenant, it focuses on regular soldiers and rebels rather than the superhuman Spartans and aliens we're used to. Like Arma 3, it looks a lot more grounded than a typical Halo romp, but judging by the impressive new trailer, there's still plenty of sizzle. Check it out above. 

We've not seen much of upcoming official game yet—you can read everything we know about Halo: Infinite, so far—but I confess that I'm more intrigued by delving into Halo’s past from the perspective of a regular person. Well, a regular person who still has access to futuristic weaponry and fancy, heavily-armed vehicles. 

The team has been working on the mod for a couple of years now, and while it's still in alpha, you can download it now and take it for a spin. 

At the moment, it adds Halo-themed gear and vehicles, among other things, into Arma 3, but if you want to use them in missions, you'll need to make your own or hunt down some mission mods. 

You can grab it on the Steam Workshop.

Fraser Brown
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