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Arma 2 webpage hacked, ARG senses tingling


Something's afoot in Armaland, lads. Earlier today, Arma 2's official website was replaced with a message from a group named the "p3R51An 8lacK Hat5 8oy5." It's since been amended, but fake-real news site AAN continues to follow the details. We've previously seen AAN, which is run by Arma's developer Bohemia Interactive, used to build excitement for new releases. Hmm.

Whatever information this probable ARG is prepping, it isn't being terribly cagey at this point. "Spukayev," who's referenced in the hacked webpage, is an Arma 2 character--you blow up his house with a satchel charge in the original campaign. The militant mystery solvers of Arma 2's community are assembling other pieces here . I've posted another clue within.

Knowing that Arma 2's in-game terrain is satellite-modeled after real geography in the Czech Republic, BI forum member Undeceived cross-referenced the in-game location of Spukayev's house from Arma 2 with satellite photos, and seemed to determine that the photos posted to the hacked webpage were a match. Follow the community's hunt for more information here .

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