Apotheon trailer reminds us that Apotheon exists, still looks great

Apotheon is the game that looks a bit like a Grecian urn - yes it is a bit weird comparing games to pottery - and now a new trailer has been released to remind us that it totally still exists. More than that, it's still one of the most striking indie games on the horizon, and one that looks faintly stunning in motion too. We don't learn a lot from the following trailer, but we do see a bunch of new, neatly colour-themed environments and lots of very 2D, physics-based combat. The open world action platformer (with multiplayer modes) is still on track for an early 2014 release.

I'm not entirely sold on the physics at the moment - everything seems a little floaty/lacking in gravity - but it's obviously hard to judge how a game feels until you're pushing the pixels around with your own hands. I'm most intrigued by the words "open world Mount Olympus" on the official site, which suggest that this may be a more substantial game than it initially appears. Also: multiplayer? Yep, in the form of online "deathmatch and team-based game modes".

You might remember developers Alien Trap for their shooty sidescroller Capsized, which we liked to the tune of 86% back in 2011.

Ta, Destructoid .

Tom Sykes

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