Apex Legends' new vehicles can be turned into gassy, gun-toting monsters

Apex Legends season 7
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Arriving next week, Apex Legends season 7 brings a new hero, map, player-run community Clubs and more to the battle royale. But as demonstrated by a new launch trailer, the most exciting new addition is a nippy little motorbike that can be kitbashed into a tank.

To get around Olympus with speed (and style), Apex Legends gains its first vehicle, the three-seater Trident hoverbuggy. While unarmed, it looks like you'll be able to pop whatever gadget you like on its broad hull, including Rampart's high-powered machine gun turret.

Of course, you can pop any character's deployable gadget on top for varying utility. Need some cover driving through a hot zone? Drop Gibraltar's shield on the bonnet. Missile storm incoming? Strap Wattson's ultimate on the roof. Desperately need to try and choke your opponents out? Slam a few of Caustic's gas-bags onto the thing and start suffocating other players with your exhaust fumes. Not efficient, perhaps, but seems a right laugh.

It's just a shame that you can't run people over with the thing, enemies harmlessly bouncing aside when struck. And while all crew-members will take a percentage of damage when the hull is struck, the Trident itself is invincible—if vulnerable to EMP strikes and bottomless pits.

Apex Legends Season 7 map

(Image credit: Respawn Entertainment)

Of course, the trailer also gives us a closer look at that new map. A departure from previous maps Kings Canyon and World's Edge, Olympus is a much larger, more open flying arena that quite pointedly does not include big, blocky mountains.

"We didn't want to just make another island with mountains, right," design director Jason McCord told USGamer. "That's something that we really like and it's sort of the flavour of our maps, but when we were looking at Olympus, we were not going to have mountains."

In that same interview, McCord notes that King's Canyon won't feature in season 7 at all. Apex's debut map isn't being canned, but rather vaulted for the time being. Should it ever return, he reckons it'll look a little different, perhaps flaunting some added landmass.

Finally, we get some concrete details on new hero Horizon's abilities. Her passive lets her retain more momentum when landing from heights, while her active ability launches both friends and foes skyward—for traversal, or to make for easier duck-hunts. Wrapping up the set is a black hole that, like Overwatch's Zarya, pulls in foes and renders them immobile.

Apex Legends Season 7: Ascension takes off next Wednesday, November 4th.

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