Apex Legends' Lost Treasures Collection Event starts on Tuesday

Apex Legends Crypto Town Takeover Map Room
(Image credit: Respawn Entertainment, EA)

EA Play Live 2020 cut straight to the good stuff yesterday, opening with lots of exciting Apex Legends news. Alongside the announcement that Apex Legends is coming to Steam and getting crossplay, its Lost Treasures collection event is dropping next week, running from June 23 - July 7.

Here's what's coming in Apex Legends Lost Treasures event:

  • New Town Takeover: Crypto's Map Room
  • Limited time mode: Armed and Dangerous Evolved
  • Mirage Heirloom set
  • Event prize track containing two Legendary weapon skins
  • 24 Event cosmetics
  • New 'Special Offers' page on the store

Respawn has recently dropped heavy hints that a new Town Takeover is on the way, but they finally confirmed that Crypto will take the reins this time. Crypto's Map Room promises to give players further insight into his motivations, so its likely that we'll learn a bit more about his past. In keeping with the high-end tech we usually see him sporting, his new top-of-the-line lair will be fitted with tonnes of screens, a digital 3D map of Kings Canyon, and a huge green satellite.

Judging by the event trailer, and the areas where banners and flags have spawned of late, it looks as though the new Town Takeover will be located close to Repulsor. The new trailer also concludes with Crypto opening one of the bunkers that mysteriously appeared on the Kings Canyon map at the beginning of season 5. Considering that the one sandwiched between Salvage and Water Treatment already has a countdown timer, this suggests that we should be able to have a closer peek at what's inside next week.

Armed and Dangerous—Apex's limited time shotgun and sniper mode—returns for the event, but it's been refreshed for the better, rewarding sharpshooters for playing more aggressively and dealing damage. The only armor available in this mode will be Evo Armor. Starting with just 25 shield, there's a much greater incentive to engage in firefights. Considering how powerful the Longbow is, especially at a pinch when you're forced to use it at closer ranges like a shotgun, I can see players hitting the red Evo Armor levels quickly in these upcoming matches.

Respawn Beacons have been scrapped for this mode, but there's still a way to bring teammates back into the fray. Every player will start matches with a Mobile Respawn Beacon in their inventory. It deploys similarly to a Lifeline package, so you can place it wherever you want, but you can only use it once. The mobile beacons will be restricted to the Armed and Dangerous Evolved mode for the duration of the event however, they'll become a permanent feature in casual and Ranked Apex matches afterwards. Joining the regular loot pool and taking up one slot in your inventory, these mobile beacons sound incredibly powerful.

If you're already on top of Apex's daily and weekly battle pass challenges, there are a host of Lost Treasures tasks to keep you busy. The new challenges also refresh daily, offering up to 1000 points per set. Here's a full breakdown of the Lost Treasures prize track:

(Image credit: Respawn Entertainment, EA)

As always, a new event means new cosmetics and the Lost Treasures event introduces 24 themed skins that can be purchased with Apex Coins, or crafting metals. Event Apex Packs will also contain one event item, and two non-event items. If you're all about golden guns and trinkets, now is your time to stock up on a 24-carat wardrobe.

This event's heirloom is a shiny Mirage trophy that perfectly reflects his confident and self-assured personality. It's fitted with tiny fireworks and lights, obviously. Getting your hands on it will be a significant grind though as you'll have to unlock all 24 Lost Treasures items first. Don't sweat it if you miss out on it during the event though, it'll still be available for crafting via the heirloom crafting shop afterwards. 

In the unlikely event that you've got Apex Coins to spare, seven more cosmetics will be featured on a second 'Special Offers' tab in the store, priced at 500 coins each. These are only available for the duration of the event and won't be returning to the store for at least six months, so if you see something you like you may want to pick it up now.

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