Where to find Apex Legends' bunkers

Apex Legends bunkers
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Here's how you can find the legendary items at each of the Apex Legends bunker locations. Season 5 introduces four new bunkers to the Kings Canyon landscape, and all of the underground lairs are finally open. Golden weapons await courageous players, but knowing where to drop and landing quickly will help you to secure the best items. 

After patiently waiting for the bunkers to open, its time to take a look in each of them. There are even a few messages left for Crypto to discover. Here's a rundown of where each Apex Legends bunker can be found, how to get their doors open, and what's waiting inside. 

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All Apex Legends bunker locations

Each bunker can be found on Kings Canyon, so first ensure that's the active map before trying to hop into a game. 

Here are all the Apex Legends bunker locations:

  • Terminal Station F-85
  • Terminal Station W-73
  • Terminal Station O-240
  • Terminal Station L-19 

How to open Apex Legends bunkers

Opening a bunker is surprisingly straightforward, although the real challenge is staying alive long enough to reach its treasures. Landing in the zone as quickly as possible is the best way to secure the items, but remember that others may be lurking nearby. Try to locate a weapon quickly in order to remove any pesky threats along the way. 

Each bunker has two doors: the main entrance hatch marked with a red rim, and a smaller exit hatch. Unlike the vault keys required to open the vaults on World's Edge, you only need to interact with the screen to open the door. Unlockable bunkers have a green screen, whereas locked bunkers have a red screen and will display a 'Locked' message when you walk near them. The week before a bunker is due to unlock, it'll display a countdown timer instead. 

After opening a bunker door, hop down onto the ledges below, or use the yellow ziplines to descend. Explore the underground rooms and pick up any desirable gear. Exit via either the main entrance, or interact with the green screen to open the second hatch.

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What's inside each bunker?

Each bunker has been kitted out with a legendary item that makes them worth a visit. These golden items spawn in the same place every game, and there's a small selection of other items in the bunker including armour, weapons, and attachments. Each one also features a Charge Tower that lets you fully charge your ultimate ability once. 

Here are all the bunkers and what's inside:

Terminal Station F-85

Terminal Station F-85 can be found on the coast between Salvage and Water Treatment:

  • Legendary Knockdown Shield: Enables players to self-resurrect once
  • Mobile Respawn Beacon: Create a respawn beacon at your current position

Terminal Station W-73

Terminal Station W-73 is located in the river, south-west of The Cage:

  • Golden Prowler
  • Mobile Respawn Beacon

Terminal Station O-240

Terminal Station O-240 is south of Artillery:

  • Golden Sentinel

Terminal Station L-19

Terminal Station L-19 is north-east of The Pit:

  • Golden Havoc

Apex Legends bunker messages

If you play as Crypto, it's possible to send your drone into an otherwise inaccessible room in three of the bunkers to decode a message. 

To find the room, enter the bunker and walk towards the exit hatch. At the end of the corridor, to the right of the blocked doorway is a small vent. Use your drone to fly into the vent, following it along to a room with lots of monitors. You can hold E to decode the message.

It's worth watching the Stories from the Outlands – 'Forever Family' episode for context on what Crypto was up to before joining the Apex games. Here's what's been revealed in the bunker messages so far:

Terminal Station W-73

The first message is from Mila Alexander, who fans theorise may be Crypto's foster sister. Mila has managed to secretly contact Crypto to warn him that the people that were after them in the 'Forever Family' short caught up with her. She was concerned that they had already captured and killed Crypto. 

Terminal Station O-240

In the second message Mila outlines that she was captured and questioned about the algorithm that she and Crypto had discovered. She also mentions that they are moving her to a secure location as she wasn't willing to give up information about Crypto after he managed to escape.

Terminal Station L-19

Mila's final message states that she has managed to escape and is now safe. She also warns Crypto that the group that captured her all work for "one guy". She doesn't know the name of the person but she's sure that he's watching Crypto "from the inside". There are no obvious clues as to who's after Crypto, so we'll have to wait patiently for more information.

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