Apex Legends is getting a ranked mode

At EA Play at E3 today, Drew McCoy, project lead for Respawn Enterainment, announced that Season 2 of Apex Legends will introduce a ranked mode.

"You'll progress through six tiers, if you're good enough" said McCoy. "You will cap out if you are garbage tier like myself."

Ranks go from Bronze (the lowest) up to Apex Predator. Each tier will use "special match-making", so those on higher tiers may have to wait through longer queues as appropriate matches for their top-level skills are trying to be found.

Throughout the season you'll (hopefully) gain tiers, and at the end of the season you'll receive awards based on where you ended up that will let you show off how well you did in the following season. We'll have more information on Apex Legends' ranked mode soon.

Also announced at EA Play: Apex Legends' newest character, Wattson.

Christopher Livingston
Senior Editor

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