Apex Legends crossplay beta begins on October 6

Crossplay in Apex Legends was promised back in June, and it's finally about to arrive: Respawn Entertainment announced today that the crossplay beta test, available on Origin, Xbox One, and PlayStation 4, will go live on October 6, which will also see the start of the Aftermarket Collection Event and an all-new limited time mode called Flashpoint.

Crossplay beta participants will be able to add friends and party up with players on all other platforms, and the friends list will indicate which platforms your friends are playing on. In-game chat will work for cross-platform parties, but cross-platform progression will not be supported in the beta. It could be coming, though: Respawn said it will talk more about that when the Steam version of Apex Legends goes live later this year. (Crossplay will also be supported on Steam when it launches.)

To help ensure that console players aren't constantly getting smoked by the mouse-and-keyboard crowd, matchmaking will continue to keep PC and console players separate even after cross-platform play goes live. In the same vein, cross-platform parties will be sorted exclusively into PC matches: This keeps PC players out of console matches, but gives console players the option of wading into that fray if they want to.

Apex players who'd rather avoid the whole thing and stay on their home turf will have that option as well, as cross-platform play can be disabled entirely via the settings menu. However, Respawn warned that switching it off could lead to "very very long" queue times, as players who disable crossplay will only be matched up with others who have also turned it off. Wait times for non-crossplay matches will depend on how many players decide to opt out, but crossplay will be enabled by default once the beta begins and Respawn expects that the vast majority of players will leave it that way.

The Steam version of Apex Legends will also support crossplay when it goes live.  (Image credit: Electronic Arts)

Crossplay is obviously the big thing coming on October 6, but the new Flashpoint LTM sounds like it could be a good time too. There will be no healing items spawned during the event—instead, players will regenerate their health and shields by standing inside zones called Flash Points that will be scattered throughout the Kings Canyon map. Complicating matters further, the LTM will also incorporate the Always Be Closing rules: The ring does not stop closing, so players will have to keep moving, and it will always close on a Flash Point.

The event will also bring 24 themed cosmetics to the game, available for direct purchase and through Event Apex Packs, and there will be other offers and an event-exclusive prize track to chase after as well. The Aftermarket Collection Event runs until October 20—full details are up at playapex.com.

Andy Chalk

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