When is Apex Legends getting crossplay?

Apex Legends crossplay
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Excited to play with your pals using the upcoming Apex Legends crossplay features? Respawn's battle royale is getting cross-platform play this year, and its beta starts soon. Before long, console and PC players will finally be able to take on the arena together. 

Rounding up your squad is enough of a challenge already without taking different platforms into account. Teaming with your buddies in Apex should be a breeze, allowing you to focus all your energy on landing a victory. Here's a quick look at how Apex Legends' crossplay will work, and when it's due to launch.

When is the Apex Legends crossplay date?

Apex Legends' crossplay beta begins on October 6. The beta launch also coincides with a new limited time mode called Flashpoint. This mode removes healing items from the arena, and encourages players to stand in specific 'Flash Point' zones to top up their HP and shields. It's safe to say these areas sound like the perfect spots for even more firefights, and the circle won't pause in this mode, forcing everyone to keep moving. 

Alongside the crossplay beta, players can also browse the new Aftermarket Collection Event, which introduces 24 new cosmetics, and Event Apex Packs. 

Which platforms will Apex Legends crossplay support?

Crossplay for Apex will be supported across:

  • Origin/Steam (once it launches)
  • PlayStation 4
  • Xbox One
  • Nintendo Switch

Unfortunately, cross-progression will not be supported in the beta period. So, if you're grinding through the battle pass, you'll need to stick to the platform that you purchased it on to complete it.

Do you have to opt into crossplay?

There are always concerns that crossplay will lower the quality of matches, from the aim-assist that console players use, to the higher FOV and refresh rates of which PC players can take advantage. After Call of Duty cheaters on PC managed to push console players away from crossplay, it's no surprise that some players may want to steer clear of playing against opponents on other platforms.

To quell the community's anxieties, Respawn has outlined that console players don't have to play with PC players, if they don't want to. In fact, PC and console players will be kept separate, unless your party contains a mixture of console and PC players. In which case, you'll be placed in PC matchmaking. 

How does Apex Legends crossplay work?

Adding your friends across platforms is fast and simple. To add friends during the Apex Legends crossplay beta, click on the Friends menu and choose Find Friend. Type in your buddy's username and wait for them to accept the request, then invite them to your lobby as you would normally. 


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