Anthem's PC controls will be updated again next week

BioWare made some changes to Anthem's PC controls for today's release, adding a number of new options that enables players to tweak flight and swimming controls in ways that weren't possible in the pre-release demos. It's better but still not perfect, as James explained: Despite the new options, "flight feels either too sensitive to zip around open areas without whipping back and forth wildly or too soft to make quick turns in tight quarters." 

Fortunately for him and everyone else trying to do the Iron Man with a mouse and keyboard, more changes are coming. 

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Gamble didn't expand upon the comment, but clarified that the changes will be part of Anthem's day-one patch. He then clarified further that, yes, today is "day one" for a lot of people, and explained that they got a day-one patch too, sort of: BioWare was able to bake it into the release build so early access players wouldn't have download anything else after the game was installed.

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Other changes coming, in the day-one patch or possibly before, include a fix for an issue that causes settings to reset when the game is closed and relaunched, a correction for players who have been given improper amounts of startup coin, and a fix for an audio dropout bug that carried over from the demo sessions. 

Andy Chalk

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