Antec's newest CPU liquid coolers change color based on temps

Antec has been relatively quiet as of late, though it did make some noise last month when it introduced a trio of all-in-one liquid coolers under its new Mercury line. Those coolers are now shipping, the company says.

The new AIO coolers come in three sizes—Mercury 120 with a single 120mm fan, Mercury 240 with two 120mm fans, and the Mercury 360 with three 120mm fans.

Each model is built around a new sealed and silent performing pump with a three phase motor to maintain rapid liquid circulation. According to Antec, the pump delivers a water pressure of 2.3 meters high, with a flow rate of 3.5 liters per minute. Noise is rated at less than 30 dBA.

There are three LEDs on the pump block that allow users to gauge temps at a glance. Blue indicates temps below 48C, green means temps are between 49-60C, and red indicates temps above 60C.

Antec announced pricing of €69 for the Mercury 120, €99 for the Mercury 240, and €125 for the Mercury 360. We could not find US pricing at this time, though a straight conversion puts the Mercury 120 at around $81, the Mercury 240 at $117, and the Mercury 360 at $148.

Paul Lilly

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