Another Batman: Arkham Knight patch has been released

Batman Arkham Knight

Even after being pulled from Steam for several months and a number of patches, Arkham Knight still runs poorly on a lot systems. But Rocksteady are, at least, still releasing patches to try and fix it—and a new one has gone live today.

Here are a few highlights.

▪ Fixed some Multi-Monitor specific bugs
▪ Fixed an issue causing the game process to occasionally remain running in the background for a period of time
▪ Improved VRAM management to reduce framerate hitches
▪ Fixed an issue causing certain types of lights & shadows to render incorrectly
▪ Fixed a progression blocker that could occur in Stagg Airships when leaving the predator room after only knocking out one of the guards

It's been a long, sad ride for Arkham Knight, but hopefully with a few more patches we'll see smoother performance across a wider range of systems. Anyone with a multi-GPU setup is out of luck (opens in new tab), though.

Full patch notes here (opens in new tab).

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