Annual Desert Bus charity drive is underway

Desert Bus

Desert Bus is a rubbish game about driving a bus from Arizona to Las Vegas. You have to drive in real time, and your speed is limited to 45 miles per hour. It takes eight hours to complete the trip. The game can't be paused and you can't just tape down a key because the bus cruelly veers slightly to the right the whole time. As part of the annual Desert Bus for Hope event, a team of gamers have challenged themselves to play the game in 24 hour shifts for charity.

If they weren't mad before they started, they might well be afterwards. The bus has been on the road for two days already, and the drivers are still going strong. There's a live stream of the action here , with the team running impromptu auctions as they battle to keep the bus on the road.

Last year the Desert Bus run raised more than $140,000 dollars for Child's Play, and they're hoping to beat that record this year with $60,000 dollars donated so far. If you want to support the Desert Bus drive, donations can be made through Paypal . For a sample of the agonising boredom these brave gamers are battling with, check out the Desert Bus footage below.

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