Angry goats arrive in Minecraft next week

A goat in Minecraft.
(Image credit: Mojang Studios.)

The first half of Minecraft's long-trailed Caves and Cliffs update, which developer Mojang recently split in two, will arrive on PC on June 8 in both the Bedrock and Java editions of the game. The second part of what the studio calls "the most ambitious" Minecraft expansion to date is due sometime at the end of 2021.

The update will introduce goats, who wander around on mountains and deliver headbutts to unwary players: just like the real thing. It also brings axolotls—cute teensy amphibians that'll be found in the water—and a glow squid from the recently canned Minecraft Earth (which is still live, but closing on June 30).

Mojang's post announcing the date included some minor details on the new types of block incoming, "from amethyst to dripleaves, and the highly anticipated copper block!" The anticipation for the copper block is because unlike other building materials it will age after being placed, apparently "giving your builds a sense of history and a more organic feel." And there's a spyglass coming, aka a telescope, so you can zoom-in and admire your pretty copper palaces.

This brief video showcases some of the new features, a particular highlight being using the goat's ramming action to launch into the sky like Superman.

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A slightly longer version on the Minecraft YouTube channel adds some developer chat, as well as demonstrations of the excellent goat bleating sound effect: these things look annoying and ornery, just like a goat should be. Caves and Cliffs part 1 releases on June 8, and we'll be scaling its heights and depths when it does.


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