An environmentalist brawler is the second Black Game Developer Fund game that Humble will publish

Humble launched the Black Game Developer Fund in 2020 with a pledge of $1 million per year toward projects from Black indie devs, and the program has since funded over 30 games. BGDF funding doesn't guarantee that Humble will go on to publish the game itself, but the company did ink a deal with upcoming BGDF-funded game Protodroid DeLTA, and now it's done the same with a second game.

Breeze in the Clouds, a game about a corgi who winds up on an adventure in a "weather world," will also be published by Humble, the company announced during its 2023 Humble Showcase. 

The weather world is inhabited by weather-related characters, naturally, and its villains are pollution-themed troublemakers. Our hero, Breeze, combos the crap out of pollution—just like Captain Planet preached—with weather magic like a cloud mallet and a tornado attack.

By far the best thing about the new trailer, though, is that Breeze goes "arf" each time he lands a strike. Aw.

The combat looks pretty serious, though. "We wanted Breeze to feel like a very free-formey, combo-centric game," says creator SrBilyon Harris, "So Breeze is able to do these cool, weather-based attacks. He can do launchers, he's got parries, he's got all the nice stuff that you get in a lot of the fast-paced action fighting games."

Humble hasn't yet announced a release date for Breeze in the Clouds.

Tyler Wilde
Executive Editor

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