Amy will infect you with the zombie plague

[VAMS id="Phq3U52CLZWuv"]

Most zombie games sidestep the concept of turning into one of the undead by making the player immune to the plague. It's true in Left4Dead, it's true in Dead Island, but it's not true in Amy, a slice of stylish survival horror from French studio Lexis Numerique . The video explains how the infection works; the main character is bitten by a zombie at the start of the game, and must use various means to slow down the disease's spread. Letting it take over will mean zombies treat you as one of their own and ignore you, but if you go too long without treatment, you'll eventually die.

If you asked most people to list their biggest frustrations in games, ticking down health and escort missions would be somewhere near the top. Amy plans to have both. It's a big challenge for a new developer, but the mechanics could add to the atmosphere and prove closer to zombie lore than most undead-focused adventures.