American Truck Simulator delivers early, out today

American Truck Simulator red

American Truck Simulator is releasing early of all things, arriving this very day some hours before midnight CET. That's what you get when you shell out for private haulage, I suppose.

"We were thinking of unleashing the game at midnight Prague time," reads the SCS blog. "However, going through all the release process late at night and staying on alert for a while after the game gets out to see if no hot-fixing is needed immediately takes some hours. The release crew would not get to bed before 4 am."

Rather than fall asleep at their keyboards, the team have opted to roll out at a civilised time. They're not sure exactly how long the process will take, but even us Europeans will get to log a few hours tonight. Euro Truck Simulator veteran Andy was big on its American cousin in our review, but we're expecting it to come into its own as additional, less desert-y states and new trucks are added.