AMD's Radeon R9 380X reportedly launching very soon

R9 380x

AMD is going to be releasing the Radeon R9 380X on November 15 for $249, according to TechPowerUp. At that price point it sits slap bang in the middle of the $300 mid-range R9 390 and the low-end $200 R9 380. This also gives consumers an extra choice over Nvidia, with AMD providing a middle ground if the buyer is unsure between the GTX 960 and the GTX 970.

The R9 380X has a 256-bit wide memory interface, 32 compute units, and 2,048 stream processors. It has 128 texture mapping units, and 32 render output units. The GPU clock goes up to around 1100MHz, and it has 4GB of GDDR5 memory with a speed of up to 6GHz.

Compared to the specs of AMD's R9 390 and R9 380, which we've compiled in this Nvidia vs. AMD report card, it looks as you'd expect. A little more clock speed than the 380 (970MHz), and less memory than the 390 (8GB). We'll find out how exactly the R9 380X performs when it's out next week.