AMD's new Crimson driver software out now


Earlier this month we reported that Radeon Software would be AMD's new graphics software, replacing the old Catalyst program. Well, the first edition of Radeon Software, entitled Crimson, is now available to download, bringing with it the all new AMD video card drivers.

AMD says that Radeon Software Crimson Edition boasts "fast high-speed game loading," "smoother gaming enhancements enabled on DirectX 9 games," "enhanced image quality for 1080p media content scaled to 4K," and "enhanced video quality settings for 6th Generation A-Series AMD APUs."

With the new software you'll be able to customize your display settings, and it also includes AMD FreeSync technology enhancements including AMD CrossFire support for DX9 games.

Internal AMD tests have seen up to 33 percent faster Star Wars Battlefront load times using the new software, up to 20 percent better performance in Fable Legends, up to 1.8x GPU power savings, and overall increased power savings of up to 23 percent. We will soon see how Radeon Software performs now it's out for the world to use..

AMD is also targeting virtual reality, and has released an alpha version of its LiquidVR SDK to selected developers. Crimson will be the first publicly available driver that enables all of LiquidVR's features.