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AMD's excellent RX 580 gaming graphics is just £179 on Amazon

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OK, it's not the newest graphics card in the world. It's not the fastest. But the GPU at its core was once AMD's very finest.  Net result? High end features like a high-bandwidth 256-bit memory bus and 2,304 of AMD's GCN graphics cores in 4.0 spec. For just £179, that's a recipe for a fantastic budget board.

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PowerColor RX 580 RED Dragon V2 8GB | £178.79 (34% off)
(opens in new tab)This is the cheapest RX 580 that we've found so far, which makes it a great buy if you're looking for a midrange card at a very reasonable price. Scoop it up at Amazon. (opens in new tab)

As your weapon of choice for 1080p gaming, this RX 580 will be fabulous. Keep your expectations in check and a few of the most demanding visual settings switched off and it will make for a decent 1440p experience, too. Pair it with one of our high-refresh 1440p Black Friday monitor deals (opens in new tab) and get some enthusiast-quality gaming on the cheap. 

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Jeremy Laird
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